Sonnet (modern, with eleven syllables)

When at last the sun has set and night has come
When at last the darkness falls and day is done
We will gladly sigh and go to take our ease
We will gladly find the blissful call of sleep

When at last the stars come out and and show their light
When at last the moon shows round and shimmers nigh
We will gladly say the summer’s come indeed
We will gladly breathe this warmest ev’ning breeze

When at last the atmosphere begins to cool
When at last the air fades purplish from blue
We will gladly sleep content that night is long
We will gladly lay in bed until the dawn

When at last the sun arises from its bed
We will gladly rise up strengthened by our rest


  1. I like it. It's kinda "Lord of the Rings"esque

  2. Hey, I didn't think about that, but that's true!

  3. Insightful. I may have subconsciously echoed some of Lord of the Rings' themes here; I've spent much of the last few weeks listening to the 3-hour long full recording of the score from The Fellowship of the Ring. If so, that speaks well of Shore's ability to evoke the mood and setting of the books as well as the movies, seeing as this sort of poetry was precisely the sorts of things that didn't make it into the films!


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