Untitled Poem of Frustration

Futility is
Walking in circles
You get exercise
But you still end up
Back where you began

Adam's Stars

we are earth-deep granite, marbled through with fire

He lies awake under dark skies
Bright pinpricks staring at him
Needles in his mind, accusing, judging, glaring
His conscience burns
(He owns a conscience now)
Hard ground
The unaccustomed scratching of garments
And the impossibility, the utter inconceivability of sleep
When the weight of guilt bears down like the heavens
The heavens that stare at him still,
Like the angel whose angry sword blocks the way back to paradise stared

we are earth-deep mud, shot through with gold

He lies awake under dark skies
Bright pinpricks unnoticed (though staring still)
Aches in his back, bruises, sorrows, fears
His heart still yearns
(He still remembers Home)
Rocky soil
The familiar scratch of leather and wool
And the impossibility, the utter inconceivability of rest
When the world itself bears down like the weight of his sin
The sin that bars him still,
Like the angel whose angry sword still blocks the way to paradise

we are earth-deep death, pierced through with hope

He lies awake under dark skies
Bright pinpricks searing him
Fear in his heart, tearing, clawing, screeching
His restless mind turns
(He knows what fate awaits)
Untilled earth
The relentless scratching of aged and tattered robes
And the impossibility, the utter inconceivability of aught but death
When the weight of his life bears down like the dark
The dark that gnaws at him still
Like the angel whose angry sword still blocks the way to paradise

And as he sleeps—as he sleeps
(Perhaps you do not understand: he SLEEPS;
I'll say it straight, he DIES)
He wonders, flickers hopefully, remembers
The threat of serpent-crushing savior
And closes his eyes

Haiku (and Meditation)

flicker and sound waves
dialogue and explosions
eyes falling closed

(I fell asleep during The Empire Strikes Back—inconceivable.)

twelve days down this month
thirteen more to reach my goal
writing is hard work

(Every art project takes its own particular toll on me. This one, too.)

music moves the soul
but art is more than motion
songs require meaning

(Art and artistry are dear to me, but indefinable, and mysterious. Always mysterious.)

What is life without
But then, what is life with all
And this: life within

(Finding creative ways to express Truth and Good News is hard. Sometimes, beyond me.)

Exhaustion summons
Sleep's necessity beckons
Strange that we need rest

(God made Sabbath for man—and I think man has forgotten why. Sabbath is good.)

Ultimate (frisbee)

A twisting, weaving dance:
        lungs full and limbs churning, hard
As high above it spins:
        a white streak on blue sky
A whirling, floating fall
        a white arc toward green earth
As down below they dash
        hearts high and arms reaching, hard

Yahweh Is Holy

You alone, oh God, are glorious
Your fingers painted the earth, the sky
Yes, everything about you is beyond compare
Yesterday, today, and even tomorrow are in your hands
You do not change; we can rely on you utterly
Your faithfulness is our hope in the storms

Awesome power: in Your whispers
Actual truth: not battered by opinion
And we look to You to save, for Your word is our hope
And we look to You to judge, for Your word is our life
Active salvation: not dependent on man
Amazing love: in your lightnings

He sits enthroned!
His judgments are true!
He rules with a rod of iron!
His wrath is fierce!
He humbles the mighty!
His hand crushes evil!

We are small and precious in His eyes
Who can understand the mind of God?
We are like the sand and yet individuals
Who can grasp the deep vision of God?
We are impotent and filled with divine power
Who can know the heart of God?

Everything that is
Everything that was
Everything that ever shall be
Even I (am sustained by Him)
Even the heavens (were formed by Him)
Even the crickets dancing out their song (will be remade by Him)

He stands resurrected!
His mercy is great!
He comforts the weary!
His love is fierce!
He raises the broken!
His hand sustains the righteous!

Yahweh is Holy!

Inconceivable, incomprehensible works are done in a moment
Incandescent words kindle the universe into being, kindle corpse-hearts to fervor

Sovereign Redeemer who judges rightly, have mercy on Your subjects
                        (we who have rested in Your freely given grace)
Shepherd King who saves mightily, do justice on Your enemies
                        (they who have done evil to Your flock)

Yahweh is Holy!

Humility, flesh assumed
Hostility, death entombed
Humility, cross endured
Hostility, lies perjured

Oh save us from sin, from suffering!
Oh God who lives, who is, who speaks:
Our way is death, our deeds are futile
Open our blind eyes and unmake our evils

Lord (of peasant-vassals with nothing to give)
Lover (of wicked bride with impurity of heart)
Light (of weary hearts that love the darkness)
Lament (of every wicked man whose ruinous plans you foil)

You are good, oh God, and You never fail
Your faithfulness endures from everlasting to everlasting
Your ways are just and true and there is none like You
You are mighty to save, full of steadfast love and kindness