The brook leaps sparkling from the heights
        shining under spring-blue skies
                wisped with high white streaks of cloud
        cavorting through aspen, pine and meadow
                filled with song and the dance of dragonflies
        bearing winter snow from rocky peaks
                thrust starkly white toward the heavens

The river rushes sparkling in its course
        glowing under summer-blue skies
                painted with dark gray puffs of thunder
        turning through forests and earth-brown fields
                tilled and planted with apples and wheat
        carrying rain from the brinks of granite bluffs
                worn to mere jutting rounded prominences

The ocean tumbles sparkling on the shore
        glimmering under autumn-blue skies
                draped in pale sere curtains of rain
        heaving though the great expanse
                made colorful by fish and bird and mystery
        embracing sky-dropped depths from every mount
                carved to rugged muscled shoulders of the earth

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