Haiku (and Meditation)

flicker and sound waves
dialogue and explosions
eyes falling closed

(I fell asleep during The Empire Strikes Back—inconceivable.)

twelve days down this month
thirteen more to reach my goal
writing is hard work

(Every art project takes its own particular toll on me. This one, too.)

music moves the soul
but art is more than motion
songs require meaning

(Art and artistry are dear to me, but indefinable, and mysterious. Always mysterious.)

What is life without
But then, what is life with all
And this: life within

(Finding creative ways to express Truth and Good News is hard. Sometimes, beyond me.)

Exhaustion summons
Sleep's necessity beckons
Strange that we need rest

(God made Sabbath for man—and I think man has forgotten why. Sabbath is good.)

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  1. I like how you went about doing this. It makes me want to copy you, or at least write a poem myself. :)


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